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Betting on the EPL has become a bit of a lottery

As reported by various online sources, the English Premier League race is much more wide open this season than it has been for several years.

With the influx of television revenues continuing to increase year on year, the quality of the competition has become spread across the entire league.  This means that no Premier League team can expect to do what happens in other leagues such as La Liga.  Who could see Real Madrid or Barcelona having a bad season or not winning at …

Free Soccer Bet Advice

Before you get into the big game, you should define a goal and work at it. You will not gain it if you start betting at random, if you stake more and more money each time to regain one’s money or if you bet every day without any aim. Your success depends on your betting know-how, you should be able to understand statistics and odds, notice all important events inside the world of soccer. Read more for the best betting advice at

How to Bet on Sports with Bitcoin Online

Using Bitcoin to bet on sports ins no different than using other methods. Betting on sports is popular because it gives you a stake in who wins a sporting event. This makes following a sporting event more exciting and gives you a chance to win a little extra cash. When betting on sports the main goal is to beat the Odds Maker. A bet placed on sports is called a wager and there are a number of different kinds of wagers to choose from.Read …

Pros and Cons of Mobile Betting Apps

The arrival of smartphones and tablets has brought with it a huge shift in the gambling world: mobile betting apps. Mobile devices have brought ease, speed, comfort and privacy to today’s bettors. These qualities aren’t just bringing in new players to the betting world; the average player is visiting mobile betting sites and putting down money more frequently.

It’s not unusual for sportsbooks to receive a large percentage of their action from mobile devices, and they are taking notice. Promotions and bonuses for …

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